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Testing anytime, anywhere

With the OraQuick HIV Self-Test you are in control of knowing your HIV status.

Testing anytime, anywhere

There are some basic preparations you’ll need to make before taking HIV test.
  • Concern about confidentiality and stigma
  • Fast results and no more travelling for checkup
  • Liberate yourself from fear of uncertainty
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones

Why OraQuick™

Pain-free with fast results

A simple swab on the gums.
Results in 20 minutes

Convenient and private​

Testing in the privacy of your own home


Reliable home HIV testing.

Preferred by clinicians and consumers
around the globe.


First ORAL Swab HIV Self-Test in Malaysia

As a licensed CAB under the MDA, MDA-Approved (IVDD3990721-65196)

How to Use :
Results in 3 Easy Steps

* For comprehensive guidance on testing instructions and interpreting OraQuick HIV Self-test results, refer to the product IFU provided with your in-home kit. Post-exposure detection of HIV may take up to three months, known as the window period, in which antibodies to the virus are developed. Testing during the window period may produce a negative result. Kindly proceed to seek additional testing in a medical setting when a positive result and inconclusive result are observed.

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