Lifescience & Biomedical

Our long and rich heritage in Lifescience & Biomedical field has enable us to offer a variety of turnkey and unique solution. 

Lifescience & Biomedical

Our solutions

Clinical Diagnostic

We provide clinical diagnostics products that are tailored to meet the various needs of different customers. We offer a wide range of diagnostic products that are crucial for precise diagnosis.

We offer the following products:

• Clinical and Research reference standsards
• Diagnostics for transfusion medicine
• ELISA Automation
• Automation

Clinical Research

We enable clinical research by providing innovative products that are made to supplement clinical trials and other research initiatives. With our comprehensive products, we are dedicated to greatly improving clinical outcomes.

We offer solutions such as:

• Genomic service
• Personalised medicine
• Single cell isolation

Cancer Diagnostics

We are at the frontline of cancer diagnostics, offering innovative technologies and products that cover the full spectrum of cancer diagnosis.

We offer products such as:

• Ancillaries
• Antibodies
• E.M. and Microwave Histo Processing
• Flow Cytometry Instruments
• Molecular Pathology
• PharmacoDiagnostics
• Special Stains & Visualisation Systems
• Tissue Array

Infectious Disease

The use of the right technology to detect and combat the spread of infectious diseaes plays a pivotal role in patient management and mortality rate. We dedicate ourselves to continuously evaluating products and technology available to better support clinicians in protecting public health.

We provide the following products:

• Rapid Molecular solutions
• Molecular solutions
• Multiplex strip assays
• Immunofluorescence


We provide high quality products to supplement microbiology laboratories in their research, tests, and analysis requirements. This includes solutions covering applications from clinical diagnosis to ensuring food safety.

We offer a wide range of products that ensures faster and highly accurate microbiological testing such as:

• Agglutination Sera
• Antimicrobial Susceptibility Discs
• Dehydrated & Pre-poured Media
• Environmental Monitoring
• Identification & Gas Generating Kits
• Immunological Tests
• Lyophilized Microorganisms
• Microbiology Equipment

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