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Founded in 1981 by Mr David Chung, Biomedia is one of Singapore’s leading Biomedical and Life Sciences services companies and around Asia which provides laboratories, clinical, biomedical, nuclear science and industrial science with a large range of medical and laboratory products such as general equipment, lab consumables, medical devices and materials.

Our headquarters is located in Singapore and operates through three business segments that include General Laboratory, Life Science & Biomedical and Nuclear Science. Over the last 40 years, the company has successfully grown from a small industry player to one of the most respectable names in the biomedical and life sciences industry.

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Our Services

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General Laboratory​

A lab is only as effective as it’s labware, consumables and equipment. Our goal is to equip a lab to its full operational capability, providing the best products that can be trusted for the best results… explore more...

Lifescience & Biomedical

Many of the medical discoveries and breakthroughs were made using our products; as a result, patients are being treated earlier. We provide our customers with the tools that aid them in their research… explore more...

Nuclear Science

The neutrality of the radiation phenomenon has become a friend and a foe to the medical industry. We provide a wide range of solutions to measure radiation dosages via dosimeters and silicon devices… explore more...

Medical Home Device

Medical home device write up and picture needs to be replaced to get the best available slot explore more...

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